How to Prioritize Your Female Sexual Health

It is important to always understand what you need in terms of your overall female sexual health. 

Part of women’s sexual health is to make sure that you and your partner are able to openly communicate about sexuality. 

Below, you may find some tips to discuss this sensitive subject.

Talking About Your Needs

It can be stressful to talk about the roadblocks or challenges you may be experiencing in your sex life. 

A good place to start is to discuss what is making you uncomfortable in your sex life with your partner. 

Devote a short amount of time to regularly discuss what you believe may be blocking you from enjoying sex, and to discuss what you think you need from them.

Books or movies can be a great way to introduce this discussion with your partner. 

Be Specific

It is important that you are specific with your partner about what you need sexually. 

Below are some key topics that we recommend:

  • Timing/Frequency: Are you happy with the amount of time you are intimate, or at what frequency you are engaging in sex?
  • Relationship Status: Is there currently something in your relationship that may be making it less attractive to have sex?
  • Romance: Is there enough romance in your relationship?
  • Pleasure: What activities make are more/less pleasurable for you?
  • Emotional Intimacy: Are there factors such as weight gain, hormonal changes, or illness that have affected your desire for sex?

When to Call the Doctor

If you and your partner are having open conversations about sex and intimacy and are still struggling, it may be time to reach out to a female sexual health doctor. 

Your doctor can help to review the challenges which may be interfering in your sex life and prescribe medications or techniques that can help. 

To schedule a consultation with a trusted female sexual health doctor, call Dr. Nicky Singh today at (703)359-4842.