I am beyond grateful to have been in the care of Dr. Singh for the delivery of my son. After unforeseen complications during his birth, Dr. Singh’s experienced, attentive, and assertive demeanor saved my life, while her compassionate and supportive presence guided my husband and me through an extremely difficult experience. Dr. Singh’s patient-centered mindset has been front and center in every interaction that I have had with her and her staff. She and her team have not only provided me with excellent care but have also advocated for me in my recovery. I am personally inspired by the passion that she clearly brings to her work and am thankful to be her patient.

Hilary S.

I have had the pleasure of being Dr. Singh’s patient for well over 20 years. Not only has she been an amazing doctor to me over the years, but I consider her to be a dear friend. She delivered both of my daughters, and now that they have grown into young adults, I have trusted her to care for them as well. We always feel welcomed like family by Dr. Singh and her caring staff!

Deniz R.

I first saw Dr. Singh soon after returning to Northern Virginia in 1990. I have been seeing Dr. Singh regularly for over twenty years. Dr. Singh is kind, thoughtful, and gentle with her patients, and the sweetest doctor I could ever want. She is totally dedicated to her profession and to her patients, treating us all like her own family. She goes out of her way to ensure patient comfort. Her advice is impeccable. She has brought me through many health issues, including several breast-cancer scares with appropriate lab work and timely consultations. Her follow-up is always prompt and thorough. I have seen her for routine physicals, breast examinations, vaginal issues and most recently a hysterectomy. After my surgery, she was most kind in her post-operative care. Recently, I called her about severe abdominal pain. Without hesitation, she instructed me to go immediately to the hospital emergency room. There, after a number of tests, I was diagnosed with diverticulitis which Dr. Singh has monitored with acuity and recommended consultations. Her immediate referral provided for a rapid recovery. I cannot overstate her professionalism, her knowledge and expertise. She is always there when needed. In a word, she is my idol as a doctor.

Judy B.

I have been under the care of Dr. Singh for more than 25 years. As a long-time patient she has offered me a holistic women's care approach to encompass not only my reproductive health and 3 healthy pregnancies and births, but also the health of my energy, self-love and spirit. In my younger years, Dr. Singh educated me on the ins and outs of safe sex and birth control, the importance of creating structure in my life and home in order to bring children into a stable environment, and creating a love and understanding of the self in order to heal the wounds of my burdened childhood. Dr. Singh understands the importance for a woman to feel and look her best in every capacity to include beauty and energy principals that are essential for feeling connected to our own bodies- finding the beauty from the inside, out. She has been instrumental in continuing to teach and guide me through eastern methodology for healing the mind and body holistically, all the while lending a listening and compassionate ear and working with me and my personal goals for wellness. Over the years I have the honor to call Dr. Singh a friend, as well as a trusted adviser for my continued path to vibrant health, beauty and enlightenment!

Jessica E.