Holistic Gynecology in Fairfax, Virginia

 Holistic Gynecology in Fairfax, Virginia

Choosing a gynecologist is just as important as choosing your primary care provider. Taking care of your reproductive health is essential when it comes to your overall health! If you’ve not considered holistic gynecology in Fairfax, Virginia, now might be the time.

Holistic Gynecology Means Better Treatment for You

Have you visited your gynecologist and felt more like a symptom instead of a person? Did you feel rushed? Maybe you didn’t feel heard and understood. With holistic gynecology, you aren’t just a medical issue. You are treated with respect and compassion. Additionally, you’re given the time necessary for a comprehensive evaluation and exam.

A Holistic Gynecologist Has the Right Credentials

The same board certification and licensing are required for holistic gynecologists. In addition, they must have certification for integrative/holistic medicine. Ideally, they have extensive experience with osteopathy or naturopathic medicine.

A Holistic Approach Isn’t a ‘One-Size-Fits-All” Method

When you choose holistic gynecology, it’s not only your physical health that is treated. We understand every woman is different. Your whole being is taken into consideration. This includes mental, emotional, and physical health.

Holistic Treatments Differ From Traditional Medicine

Many gynecologists are quick to jump to prescription medications and surgeries to correct a problem. Contrarily, the goal of holistic gynecology is to find a combination of holistic practices. These holistic practices should work with your natural rhythms and processes. Often this means herbal/botanical medicine, making sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle and practicing mindfulness.

Caring, Compassionate Holistic Gynecology in Fairfax, Virginia Is Found at Fair Oaks Women’s Center!

We are a full-service facility with a team dedicated to providing the best possible holistic care to all our patients. We invite you to book your consultation by calling today! Reach us at 703-359-4842 to book your appointment with a top holistic gynecologist near Fairfax!

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