Same-Day OB Appointments In Fairfax, Virginia

 Same-Day OB Appointments In Fairfax, Virginia

Whether you are expecting or planning to become pregnant, your obstetrician (OB) is an important partner throughout your journey. Knowing you have the option of same-day OB appointments near Fairfax, Virginia for obstetrical care is incredibly comforting. Knowing what to expect helps relieve stress, too.

If It’s Your First Visit, Allow for Time

This is going to be your longest visit because it will be the most comprehensive. Pro tip: even though it’s a same-day appointment, take as much time as you can to prepare. 

You’ll need to share your medical history, your mental health history, and have handy a list of medications and/or supplements you’re taking. It’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about the medical history of the father and his family as well.

Here’s What to Expect During Your Exam

Your exam will include a general health check (heart, lungs, abdomen, and breasts). Your blood pressure will also be taken. This will serve as your baseline throughout your pregnancy if this is your first appointment. 

Additionally, a pelvic exam is done during same-day OB appointments. The size and shape of your uterus and pelvis will be noted.

With regard to testing, your pregnancy will be confirmed. You should expect other tests, too. Including measuring urine, bloodwork, genetic screening, STD, pap smear, and blood glucose levels.

Your Same-Day OB Appointment Is Also Time for Advice!

Ready for the countdown? Giving your OB the last day of your period and the approximate date you conceived allows your OB to tell you your due date! Exciting information, right?

A same-day OB appointment near Fairfax, Virginia is also a time for you and your provider to talk. Your provider will advise you on staying healthy. Including, what foods to eat and avoid, prenatal vitamins, and exercise.

Fair Oaks Women’s Center Happily Offers Same-Day OB Appointments Near Fairfax, Virginia!

Throughout your entire pregnancy journey, you can depend on our doctors to provide you with professional, compassionate, and top-notch care! Schedule your same-day appointment by calling us today at 703-359-4842 or visit our online scheduling page!

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