When To See An OB/GYN In Fair Oaks, VA?

 When To See An OB/GYN In Fair Oaks, VA?

When you’re a woman, seeing an OB/GYN regularly is no big deal. However, deciding when to go in between your regular visits for obstetrical or gynecological care can be a tough choice. So, when should you see an OB/GYN In Fair Oaks, VA?

Tell Me the Right Age to Start Seeing a Gynecologist.

It’s best for you to start seeing an OB/GYN as soon as you become sexually active. Until then, a young woman can wait to start having regular visits to a gynecologist until she is about 18. There are certain cases where a female younger than 18 should see an OB/GYN. For instance, experiencing painful periods or having delayed puberty.

When Should You See an OB/GYN In Fair Oaks, VA for Pregnancy?

You should plan on scheduling a visit with an OB/GYN around the eight week of your pregnancy. Expect your doctor to order blood work, an in-office pregnancy test to confirm, and perform a physical.

Should I See My Family Practitioner for an STD Test?

You can see your family practitioner for an STD test, but it’s better to see your gynecologist. Your OB/GYN is an expert in sexual and reproductive health, so they are the only person who can offer the best comprehensive care to treat your STD.

When Should You See an OB/GYN In Fair Oaks, VA for Anything Else?

If you are having trouble or pain with urination, pain during sex, or infertility issues, it’s time to get to your OB/GYN.

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