5 Qualities To Look For In An OB/GYN

 5 Qualities To Look For In An OB/GYN

Every woman deserves a women’s healthcare specialist they can trust. That’s why finding the top OB/GYN in Fairfax, Virginia is so important. Wondering what qualities to look for in an OB/GYN provider? The experts have spoken, and here’s what they have to say.

1. Good Experiences

It’s likely you’ve asked friends and family about their experiences and who they recommend. If an OB/GYN is highly recommended by someone you trust, then it’s worth meeting them.

2. Reviews

It is sometimes shocking how honest people can be in online reviews! Dig deeper into those who get the highest praise to learn more about their practice to see whether they’re right for you.

3. Insurance and Payment Options / Financing

Doctor visits are expensive, so you probably want to choose one who is in-network. If you don’t have insurance, ask about payment options. Does the OB/GYN accept credit cards? Are there financing options to help you pay for tests or treatments? A little flexibility might be helpful.

4. Credentials

Women’s reproductive health requires the right education, training, and expertise. The top OB/GYN in Fairfax, Virginia is going to check all the boxes when it comes to stellar credentials. Never be afraid to ask them questions and verify their information. Take time to check their hospital affiliations and reputation too.

5. Shared Values

One of the most important qualities of an OB/GYN is shared beliefs and values. You’ll receive information on birth control, various medications, pregnancy, and menopause among other issues, so it’s crucial you feel the same as your OB/GYN about these topics.

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