The Ultimate Guide to Female Hormone Tests

 The Ultimate Guide to Female Hormone Tests

Whether we like it or not, hormonal imbalances have become an everyday part of female lives. If you’re experiencing sleep issues, joint pain, memory loss, fatigue, or unexplained moodiness, it might indicate that your hormone levels are abnormal. However, what are you supposed to do about that? Female hormone tests can offer insight into the source of your symptoms. Wondering which one is right for you? Today’s blog explains the differences between popular female hormone tests:

Serum Testing

Serum testing is one of the more conventional options on the female hormone test list in Northern Virginia. It is conducted by taking a blood sample and screening it for conditions like menopause and PCOS. However, this test is unable to assess hormone metabolites, making it less effective for monitoring hormone levels in women on HRT.

Dried Blood Spot Testing

This DIY hormone test simply involves pricking your finger and drying a small amount of blood on a card. Then, you mail in the card for analysis. Dried blood spot testing is a popular test option because it is incredibly accurate, minimally invasive, and can measure hormonal metabolites. 

24-Hour Urine Collection

This method involves collecting urine samples over a 24-hour period, making it a great, non-invasive test option. However, because it doesn’t look at hormonal fluctuations over one month, it is ineffective for cycle mapping and makes it difficult to assess menstrual disorders.

Top Female Hormone Tests Northern Virginia

After examining this female hormone test list in Northern Virginia, you might be wondering which test is right for you. If so, the experts at Fair Oaks Women’s Center can help. With 30+ years of OB/GYN experience, we’re able to provide individualized care that is tailored directly to your needs. 

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