9 Things to Ask a Menopause Specialist

 9 Things to Ask a Menopause Specialist

Women spend a lot of time dealing with hormonal changes throughout their lifetimes, and with each phase of life comes new questions and concerns. Dealing with menopause isn’t easy, but it can be if you empower yourself with knowledge. Your menopause specialist in Fairfax, Virginia can help you sort it all through.

Your Menopause Specialist in Fairfax, Virginia Is a Partner in Your Health and Appreciates When You Prepare

Try keeping a journal of menopause symptoms you’re experiencing, so you can share this with your menopause specialist and know what questions you’d like to ask. The top menopause specialists like to empower patients through education.

Knowing What to Ask Goes a Long Way Towards a Plan of Action

Before you can successfully navigate menopause, you should know what steps to take. Try asking your menopause specialist these questions to develop a game plan:

  1. How long should I expect to have these symptoms?
  2. Is it possible what I’m experiencing is due to another cause?
  3. Does menopause put me at risk for serious health conditions?
  4. How can I protect my bones and heart?
  5. Will I still need birth control? For how long?
  6. What should I do if my sex drive starts to diminish?
  7. How can menopause affect my overall health?
  8. What conventional or holistic options do I have for coping with menopause?
  9. Should I choose hormone therapy? What are the pros and cons?

Fair Oaks Women’s Center Is Here for You

We will help you through this new phase of life with a holistic approach that encompasses not only your physical wellbeing but your mind and spirit as well. We have the compassion it takes to take this journey with you and invite you to give us a call today at 703-359-4842 to book a consultation to meet with a menopause specialist in Fairfax, Virginia.

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