Services Offered By The Top Holistic Gynecologist in Fairfax?

 Services Offered By The Top Holistic Gynecologist in Fairfax?

Holistic gynecology is all about making sure that the whole patient is taken care of. This type of treatment accounts for the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Read on to learn about some of the services that a top holistic gynecologist in Fairfax provides.

Endometriosis Diagnosis and Treatment

Often, endometriosis is underdiagnosed by many OB/GYNs, even though it affects up to 10% of the population. Treatment involves some medications and minimally invasive surgery.

Menopause Symptom Management

Menopause is a perfectly normal process though some people can find the shift difficult to navigate. A doctor can recommend medicines or bio-identical hormones to make the transition smoother.

Obstetrical Care

A holistic practitioner focuses on all parts of pregnancy including before, during, and after pregnancy. Each case is unique from before conception to postpartum, so it is important to come up with an individualized plan for each person.

Sexual Health Maintenance

The top holistic gynecologist in Fairfax can be helpful when discussing female sexual health or figuring out how to treat any sexual health issues you may be encountering.

Infertility Help

If you are struggling with fertility issues, a holistic provider can look at all the angles that could be affecting your ability to conceive. From there you can discuss ways to increase your conception likelihood.

Vulvodynia Treatment

Vulvodynia is more common than you think. It can greatly affect your daily life, especially when it comes to sexual intimacy. Fortunately, when caught it can be treated with a number of medications and therapies.

Where Can I Find the Top Holistic Gynecologist in Fairfax?

Find the top holistic gynecologist in the area at Fair Oaks Women’s Center. In fact, we have two! Make an appointment for holistic care with a compassionate approach by calling us at 703-359-4842 today!

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