How to Choose the Best OB/GYN for Your First Newborn

 How to Choose the Best OB/GYN for Your First Newborn

Congratulations, you’re having your first baby! This is the most important time in your life, and there’s no doubt you want the best possible prenatal care. You probably have many concerns, including how to choose the best OB/GYN for your first newborn. Follow these steps to help you easily make your choice!

You Can Start With Your Primary Doctor

Your regular doctor is an excellent resource. He or she can recommend a reputable OB/GYN for your first newborn.

How to Choose the Best OB/GYN for Your First Newborn Might Start With Your Insurance Carrier

Most insurance companies have a list of in-network obstetrics specialists. Additionally, ask about co-pays as well as what is and is not covered with regard to tests, hospital stays, etc. The last thing you need right now is surprise medical bills!

Find Out Your OB/GYN’s Approach to Care

This is important, as your approach needs to match that of your OB/GYN. Do you prefer a holistic approach to care? Are you in agreement with their labor and delivery attitudes? Do they support you in your birth plan?

Communication Style Makes a Huge Difference

When asking, “How to choose the best OB/GYN for your first newborn,” you must consider communication style. Having an OB/GYN who has great communication skills is much easier, and it will go a long way towards helping you feel comfortable in their care.

Fair Oaks Women’s Center Is Where to Go for the Best Possible OB/GYN Care!

The goal of our team is to wholly treat you – body, mind, and spirit. We believe in building positive, caring relationships with our patients and we look forward to being your partner through this incredible journey. To book your appointment, please call us at 703-359-4842 today!

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