How to Prepare for a Same-Day OB Office Visit in Fairfax

 How to Prepare for a Same-Day OB Office Visit in Fairfax

Same-day obstetrics appointments have become increasingly popular because of the convenience. It’s also comforting to know you no longer have to wait weeks to see your doctor. To make sure your same-day OB office visit in Fairfax goes smoothly there are simple steps you can take beforehand.

1. Be Clean and Comfortable

Make sure you shower as you normally do before your appointment. Don’t worry about being groomed or shaving your legs. Those things aren’t important to your OB. You may need to disrobe from the waist down, so dress comfortably in something you can easily get in and out of during your appointment.

2. Bring a Friend or Family Member for Comfort

During these times of the COVID pandemic, it may not be possible for your support person to be in the room with you during your appointment. However, it’s nice to know they are nearby and will be there when you leave.

3. Be Prepared With Questions and Concerns

With an appointment, it’s always a smart idea to have your questions written down. This is especially true for prenatal care. Also, don’t be afraid to take notes during your same-day OB office visit to Fairfax. We don’t always process information immediately, so the notes will help you after your appointment.

4. Have a List of Your Medications Handy

It’s normal for an OB to ask each visit if your medications have changed. Keep an updated written list with you that includes the medication name and frequency. Be sure to include any supplements you’re taking, too.

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