Questions New OB Patients Should Ask Their Doctor

 Questions New OB Patients Should Ask Their Doctor

There’s no other experience like growing another life. You need to do everything you can to protect your and your little one’s health throughout your pregnancy. When you find out you’re expecting, you need to start looking for an amazing obstetrician, or OB. Take a look at these four questions new OB patients in Fairfax should ask their doctor.

1. What Foods Should I Avoid During Pregnancy?

There are actually a lot of surprising foods (and even beverages) you should avoid when you’re pregnant. Foods such as undercooked seafood, lunch meat, and certain cheese can be harmful to you and your baby. New OB patients in Fairfax should ask their doctor for a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

2. How Much Weight Should I Gain During My Pregnancy?

It’s important to gain the right amount of weight during pregnancy to remain healthy. However, everyone is different and the appropriate amount of weight gain depends on your pre-pregnancy health history. Your obstetrician can help determine the ideal weight for you.

3. Can I Travel During My Pregnancy?

We are living in a new normal. So, traveling during your pregnancy might not be the same as it used to be. If you’re planning on traveling during your pregnancy, ask your doctor about the best safety precautions to practice.

4. What Medications Can I Take During My Pregnancy?

Just like food, there are big restrictions on what medications you can take when you’re pregnant. Talk to your doctor about any medications you’re taking, and always ask before starting a new medication.

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