Reasons to Choose a Female Gynecologist

 Reasons to Choose a Female Gynecologist

Looking for a female gynecologist in Fairfax, Virginia? If so, you’re not alone. Many women prefer female gynecologists over their male counterparts. Why? Well, working with a female gynecologist offers several benefits. Keep reading to learn more!

Increased Comfort

Firstly, women often feel more comfortable discussing reproductive health with other women. Patients might feel anxious about expressing pelvic pain and painful intercourse with a male doctor. However, a female gynecologist will make them feel at ease. Ultimately, this leads to a higher quality of care.

Better Understanding

There’s no denying that a female doctor is better able to understand the needs of the female body. When you visit a female gynecologist, the odds are good that she has experienced the same symptoms and discomforts that you are describing.

More Support

Every woman has their own unique needs. Fortunately, female gynecologists are more likely to be supportive of their patients’ differences. When procedures like colposcopy or laparoscopic surgery enter the conversation, a female gynecologist empathizes not only with the physical aspects but also with the emotional nature of them.

Best Female Gynecologist Fairfax, Virginia

With 30+ years of experience serving the needs of women, Fair Oaks Women’s Center is home to two of the best female gynecologist in Fairfax, Virginia. Why is that? Well, our gynecologists are committed to giving every single one of their patients the care she deserves. 

Dr. Singh has been named one of Northern Virginia’s top doctors and pioneers in concierge OB/GYN medicine. Additionally, her counterpart, Dr. Shah, was also voted a Top Doc in Northern Virginia magazine on several occasions. Together, they are more than capable of supporting their patients’ unique needs. 

Here at Fair Oaks Women’s Center, we understand that everyone has a different journey that has led them to our door. For that reason, we take an individualized approach to provide the one-on-one care you deserve. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment today.

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