7 Signs Menopause May Be Coming Soon

 7 Signs Menopause May Be Coming Soon

Each woman’s journey through menopause is very different, so the onset of menopause for you might not look like other women’s. If you’re not sure when you might begin your big change, take a look at these 7 signs menopause may be coming.

1. Something’s Up With Your Period

When your period starts to change, it’s usually the first sign of menopause. You may start to notice a lighter or heavier flow, and a longer length of time between cycles.

2. Your Emotions Are Everywhere

Menopause messes with your hormones big-time. During the first phases of menopause, you may notice yourself anxious, sad, more forgetful, and / or just plain irritable.

3. Sleep Doesn’t Come Easy

Your hormones control your sleep cycle. If you find yourself tossing and turning a little more often than usual, it may be an early sign of menopause.

4. It’s Getting Hot, Really Hot

Normally, hot flashes are reported right at menopause, but they can happen before you start, too. A hot flash is when you suddenly and intensely feel heat develop around your neck, face, and chest.

5. You’re More Forgetful Than Usual

We all forget things from time to time, but the drop in your hormones when menopause is around the corner may cause brain fog and forgetfulness.

6. Sleep Isn’t Coming Easy, But Weight Gain Is

If you haven’t made a change to your diet and exercise routine, but you still find yourself steadily putting on the pounds, you might be seeing more menopause symptoms soon.

7. You Feel a Little Less Lubricated

Vaginal dryness is usually noticed after menopause starts, but it’s not uncommon to notice your vagina feels dryer and more sensitive beforehand.

The Fair Oaks Women’s Center Is Here for Your Journey Through Menopause

If you still have more questions after reading 7 signs menopause may be coming, then talk to the providers at Fair Oaks Women’s Center. If you’re concerned about symptoms you might be having due to menopause, contact our clinic at 703-359-4842 to schedule a consultation so we can help you through the transition as pleasantly as possible!

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