Tips for Choosing the Best OB in Fairfax, VA

 Tips for Choosing the Best OB in Fairfax, VA

Obstetrics care requires an attentive, skilled professional touch, but finding an OB/GYN you feel comfortable with can be complicated. So, here are four questions to keep in mind when searching for the best OB in Fairfax, VA.

1. Are They Accessible?

This means different things to different people. Do they offer emergency services? Virtual visits? Concierge care for all of your questions and concerns? Also, are they within a reasonable, comfortable distance for you? Whether these factors are a dealbreaker or not, give them some thought.

2. Do They Answer All of Your Questions?

Do they provide a comfortable space for you to have open, honest dialogue and discussions? Will they be attentive to your questions and answer honestly? Their approach to both communication and care is incredibly important for making you feel safe and secure.

3. What Is Their Experience With Obstetrics Like?

Alongside their credentials and training, also consider their experience in this field of medicine. For example, what is their experience with high-risk pregnancies? How do they respond to an emergency? How do they handle important things such as pain management? Don’t be afraid to advocate for your needs.

4. Which Insurance Companies Do They Accept?

For many, choosing an OB/GYN is highly dependent on insurance acceptance and financing options. What insurance companies do they associate with? If you do not currently have insurance, what are the options for uninsured mothers?

If you have insurance, ask your primary care provider for a referral to an OB/GYN within your insurance for a streamlined process.

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