Vaginal Dryness During Menopause: What Can I Do?

 Vaginal Dryness During Menopause: What Can I Do?

If you are one of the one in three women who experience vaginal dryness during menopause, keep reading!  Not only can you experience a decrease in lubrication during “the change”, but it can continue after as well.  

But don’t fret!  There are treatments available!   

What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

Estrogen is the hormone that helps to maintain the fluid that keeps the walls of your vagina lubricated.  If your estrogen levels decrease you may experience a lack of moisture that can cause itching and burning and contribute to painful and uncomfortable sex.  You may also find that you’re experiencing discomfort during exercise, urinating, and sitting.  

Menopause can often cause a drop in estrogen, but it can also be caused by childbirth and breastfeeding, radiation or chemotherapy treatment for cancer, surgical removal of the ovaries, Sjogren’s syndrome, and anti-estrogen medications.

Can A Doctor Help With Vaginal Dryness?

If you are experiencing a decrease in lubrication that’s causing you pain, discomfort, or bleeding, you should contact your doctor.  They will ask about your health history and symptoms and perform a pelvic exam.  They may also want to perform a pap test.

How Can I Treat Vaginal Dryness During Menopause?

Regardless of the cause of your vaginal dryness, you don’t have to suffer.

  • Try an over-the-counter vaginal moisturizer
  • Topical estrogen therapy – usually a ring, tablet, or cream
  • Increase foreplay and use a water-based lubricant
  • Avoid douches, bubble baths, and scented soaps and lotions around the vaginal area

Caring And Compassionate OBGYN In Fairfax, Virginia

Many women will experience vaginal dryness during menopause or at other points in their lives, but you don’t have to suffer.  To find the best treatment plan, call an OBGYN that you can trust and who will be compassionate in discussing sensitive and personal concerns. Dr. Singh at Fair Oaks Women’s Center has years of experience guiding women through the menopausal transition. 

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