How to Find a Menopause Specialist for Me?

 How to Find a Menopause Specialist for Me?

Do you know how to find a menopause specialist for your individual needs?

Menopause occurs for women later in life due to hormonal changes but can also be onset by medical conditions. 

You may experience uncomfortable symptoms during this time which are best treated through the guidance of a menopause specialist in your area.

Symptoms of Menopause

Some of the most common symptoms of menopause include the following:

  • Irregular periods
  • Sleep issues
  • Breast changes
  • Night sweats
  • Mood swings
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Low libido
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain

Treatment Options

The best person to consult to determine which treatment options are best for you is your local menopause specialist.

However, below are some things you can do in the meantime to help provide some relief from your menopause symptoms.

  • Avoid hot drinks
  • Avoid spicy food
  • Take vitamin D supplements
  • Strengthen your pelvic muscles with Kegel exercises
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise often
  • Practice relaxation activities such as yoga

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Many doctors offer hormone replacement therapy as a means to relieve the symptoms of menopause.

The type of hormone therapy you receive will differ depending on your medical history and symptoms.

You should speak with your doctor about this and other medical treatments including antidepressants or bioidentical hormone therapy.

How to Find a Menopause Specialist for Me

If you are experiencing symptoms of menopause and searching for a great doctor look no farther than Dr. Nicky Singh. 

Dr. Nicky Singh is a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist who has been in private practice since 1994. 

Over the years, Dr. Singh has prided herself in serving the women of her community for all of their OB/GYN needs. 

If you believe that you are experiencing menopausal symptoms and would like to schedule a consultation with a menopause expert, call Dr. Singh today at (703)359-4842. 

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